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There is a road……

…..and we’re following it.
Join us in our adventures!

My Books

Home Is Where The RV Is

September 2020


Will two more years of RV travel turn a reluctant RV wife into a minimalistic nomad at last?

The Reluctant RV Wife

August 2019


Follow a reluctant wife and her excited husband through two humorously-conflicted years of RV travel. He wanted to go; she wanted to stay. They both learn, grow, and change as a new level of freedom evolves.

Both books are published by Brown Posey Press,
the literary fiction and creative nonfiction imprint of Sunbury Press.

Best-Selling Author

Gerri Almand

Gerri Almand began writing after forty years of social work practice. When her husband retired and proposed they buy an RV and travel the country, she reluctantly agreed. By the second year of bouncing down the road in their little tin-can house, Gerri began to realize RV travel was changing her in significant ways. Thus was born her first book—The Reluctant RV Wife.

Home Is Where the RV Is follows the engaging curmudgeons through two additional years of RV travel. Will the resistive wife continue to protest, or will she embrace this new nomadic lifestyle? Full of surprising quirks and twists, this book is a laugh-out-loud travel adventure as Gerri transitions to life on the road.

International Book Awards Finalist

(July 2020)

Sunny Award from Sunbury Press

Most Notable Literary Nonfiction Release  (March 2020)

Royal Palms Literary Awards (RPLA)

Finalist, Florida Writers Association (Oct. 2018)


Here are some of Gerri’s favorite blog posts from her RV travels.

Woodstock, At Last

Woodstock, At Last

Missing Woodstock, that quintessential rock festival in the Catskills back in 1969, still leaves a hole in my soul. I should have been there. I’d been a student...

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A Tick Bite

A Tick Bite

I don’t do well with stinging, biting insects. I react both emotionally and physiologically, and it’s not pretty. In our RV travels, we’ve encountered pesky bugs...

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World’s Largest RV Show

World’s Largest RV Show

I’m thinking the RV Show at the Florida State Fairgrounds last January lived up to its advertising hype of being the largest RV show in the world. Vendors filled...

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